Commercial/Flat Roof

The Landmark Difference

We understand the value of what's under your roof.

Much like the business it is designed to protect, a commercial flat roof is not something that can be left to maintain itself.  Regular maintenance of your flat roof translates to daily peace of mind and long roof life.  If your commercial flat roof could use some attention, Landmark is ready to help.  We'll put down a coating that will protect your investment for years, and we'll be available for maintenance when you need it.

Our Win-Win Approach

We recognize that sometimes an entire roof replacement isn't feasible.  So our flat-roof maintenance programs are customized to fit your budget.  Our approach works with your budget to provide periodic repairs that are, themselves, the prep work for eventual replacement.

Essentially, you get the roof maintenance you need, but the cost doesn't hit you all at once.  It's truly a win-win, and has proven to be an attractive approach to many of our customers.

Whether you need a skylight leak repaired, a metal roof sealed with an elastomeric coating, or simply need your roof replaced in segments, we'll fashion a plan to fit your budget.

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